Work, work, work…ya dig?

Digging into one’s true self, the world within is much like digging a hole in the ground. There is purpose the activity. The hole is needed to accomplish something. Creating a garden for beauty or food, erecting a simple structure such as a mailbox, fence or perhaps a bird house. Massive holes create a foundation for a home or a building for industry or perhaps a luxury…a swimming pool.

Self discovery digging can reveal beauty of one’s Spirit or a simple revelation / confirmation of a healthy characteristic we own and never really thought about but suddenly value.  A feel good light shines inside and I appreciate myself a little more than before.

No matter the scale of the excavation there is bound to be barriers. Rocks, boulders, pipes, ground water.  Digging down to the foundation of my world within I come across barriers. The old nature, old habits that create doubt of the process, distractions strike from everywhere…work, family, chores or the lack of energy. Like the hole in the ground the barriers can be removed or circumvented. It will take extra effort, more time and energy and perhaps help from others that believe in the project, but the roadblocks can be removed. I’ll keep digging, put in the work and more work because I really want the satisfaction of creating MY foundation to build the life I believe I deserve.


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