MKE 16 Kindness Haves & Have Nots

I have made it point to look for Kind acts by others or RAKs… Random Acts of Kindness as well perform my own RAKs. I’ve noticed little things that are simple, common courtesies and deliberate acts that bring a smile to others.

Holding open doors is natural for me. Opening my girlfriend’s car door no matter who drives has become a game of sorts. If she opens her own door she has to get back the car and shut the door so I can maintain my “gentlemen status”. Chivalry, at least for me is not dead.

I notice servers that ask questions that make my dining experience more enjoyable. Sure it’s part of their job but some are more in tune than others. “Salad dressing on the side?”. “Would like extra napkins?” Of course. a few days ago when we ordered 2 for 1 wings the waitress inquired “Did you want Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing?” BLUE CHEESE Always! Glad she asked because I often forget to request it when to ordering. A little thing, seldom asked up front that saved having to wait for it and wasting the establishment’s Ranch. Kindness none the less.

I let grocery shoppers with a few items go ahead in line and notice when others do the same. Simple but kind.

There are instances where kindness Should have been exhibited but was not.

Friday I took the Amtrak train from my hometown Ventura, CA to my job in Goleta. The deadly mudslide in Montecito has the freeway closed indefinitely so when the railway opened up I took it. Hundreds of people had the same idea so we boarded a SRO, Standing Room Only train. Although I was annoyed that a senior citizen woman was not offered a seat, lack of kindness, I did see kindness displayed. Taller men help shorter females put luggage in the overhead holds. People pleasantly helping others squeeze thru tight, human clogged isles. The normal 50 minute commute took over 2 1/2 hours due the large number of riders detraining and boarding and the slow train chugging at only 15 miles an hour. Overall, it was a friendly, kind ride under the circumstances.




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